There are many different factors that need to be addressed when selling a home. In fact Realtors® take entire courses on the topic. So how do you know what marketing and promotions will work for your home?

A Professional Real Estate Agents we are trained to take a systematic approach to analyzing your home, its neighborhood and current real estate market conditions in order to develop the most efficient and effective way to market and sell your home. We also analyze what kind of buyer your home will likely be sold to and create a marketing plan that will attract and appeal to serious buyers.

As our potential clients we’d like to take a few minutes to lay out the basic principles of marketing and promotion that we have found to be most effective when selling homes in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and surrounding BC areas.

Online Marketing and Promotion

Today approximately 80% of people who are looking for a new home or an investment property will look online first. Gone are the days where buyers had to use a real estate agent to get access to MLS listings and detailed information on properties for sale. As the “computer savvy” generation becomes the primary source of buyers the 80% will likely become more like 95-100%.

Internet Marketing on MLS

When we list your White Rock or South Surrey home it goes into the MLS listing system and can be found across hundreds of local real estate agents’ websites.

Our Private Search Engine Optimized Websites

Our own websites attract thousands of visitors each month who are looking for homes like yours. Whether they see your home for sale on our website or they contact us regarding another property, we are in touch with serious buyers each and every day.

Public Online Classifieds

Public classified websites like Craigslist, REW.ca, Realtor.ca and Kijiji attract a unique set of buyers that could be looking for homes like yours.

Traditional Marketing

Despite most people looking online for homes for sale in White Rock, South Surrey, Langley and so on, traditional marketing practices are still effective and can especially appeal to older individuals. People who will notice signs and billboards they come across on their way to work or out and about. We still employ traditional marketing activities including:

  • Paper Pamphlets and Brochures
  • Paperback Flyers and Newsprint advertising,
  • Classic, “FOR SALE” sign out on the front lawn
  • Other tradition forms of marketing for everyone to see as they pass by.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Highlighting what appeals to your potential buyers through staging, pictures and videos is a very effective way to set yourself apart in a competitive market. Why not emphasize the features that will earn you top dollar?

Staging Your Home

After living in a home for years we can become bias towards how it looks and miss out on what potential will actually be looking for. Simple staging tricks such as de-cluttering and de-personalizing can make a huge difference. We’ll help you see your home through the eyes of a buyer and recommend simple and cheap ways to increase your home’s appeal to the right buyer.

Professional Photos

A picture says a thousand words! For many homes we hire professional photographers to take high quality photos that capture each room in your home from the best angle and the best light. For buyers searching online for homes for sale these high quality images can really make a difference. We give searching buyers a reason to come see your home in person.

High-Quality Video Tours

For certain homes we also create online video marketing campaigns so that potential buyers can get a tour of your home without physically walking through the house. This is particularly useful for overseas buyers or local buyers who like to view the home from their place of residence, helping to give them the feeling of what it’s like to live in the home.

High Definition Drone Photos and Videos

Luxury Real Estate can often be on large parcels of land or in a position where it may be very high up with breathtaking views. In order to accurately capture a large parcel of well-maintained land or the actual height of the look out points, drones are used today. This isnt a cheap form of marketing and it does take some time to edit and come up with the finalized versions.However, if you really want to capture the luxury of your property or home drones are an excellent way of doing so.

Here’s a sample of an old home video listing:

Good Old Fashioned Networking

As a top producing team The Taylors have the pleasure of working with many professionals and have established many profitable connections. Once your home is listed we send out an email and/or call to all the Top 100 Producing Agents in your general area to inform them of your listing and why it should be sold before they even return the call.

Open Houses

The classic open house is a tactic used by Realtors®and owners to sell their homes or listing for decades. Making sure your home is staged, well lit, cleaned, organized and cozy is key to an open house.

The Taylor Team likes to add small touches like gourmet sushi chefs and other small appetizers along with soft soothing music. We make sure potential buyers’ stomachs are full and their ears filled with delight and relaxing music. Staging and preparation seems to seal the deal by exciting all the senses at the same time of making them feel right at home.

Often neighbors that were too shy to say hi before the open house may take it as a welcome sign to drop by and see just how beautiful your home is! This can often turn into a sale as they may end then telling a friend or two that your home is for sale at a great price and they can be neighbors as well as best friends.

Additional Marketing Plan Considerations

As experienced Realtors® we also account for other factors when marketing your home, including:

  • Right pricing given the neighborhood, competition and market conditions.
  • How long you want the home to stay on the market before it is sold.
  • If you are planning to buy another home right away.

Each seller is unique and we work hard to address all your major concerns and worries to make selling your home as easy and stress-free as possible, all while working to get top dollar!

Get Top Dollar for Your Home!

Use our Taylored Home Marketing Sells Homes for TOP DOLLAR Period.

As experienced White Rock, Cloverdale, Surrey and Langley  Sutton WestCoast Realty agents we know how to properly price your home, stage your home, attract the right buyers through online and offline marketing, evaluate offers and follow through with strong negotiation skills.

If you’d like to talk about listing your home with Ryan contact him today. Contact Ryan Taylor from Sutton Group West Coast Estates for neighbourhood specific expertise.


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