Buying a Mansion

5 Things to consider when buying a Mansion in South Surrey

Any huge house on property such as acreage is considered a mansion. A large beautiful mansion may also be located on a city-sized lot, although they are typically oversized for spaciousness and to accommodate the vast size of the home. Where typical family homes may have two to three or even up to five or so bedrooms, a mansion may have a formal entryway, a formal dining area plus eat-in kitchen, and six or even sometimes over 10 or more bedrooms. Gardens and covered or enclosed porches, wine cellars, and special features are included in the mansion such as imported tiles, gold leaf design, advanced kitchens and appliances, sub-floor heating, special architectural design, super energy efficiency, and more. If you have the money to purchase the mansion you desire, or have a dream of owning one someday, here is what to think about when purchasing that mansion.

Mansion Grounds Layout

The layout of the mansion you choose can make a huge difference down the road as well as immediately. Do you need a large gate at the entrance requiring a gate code to enter? Do you want a long driveway, or a house on a hill? Do you want trees or large green lawns or professionally kept gardens and paths?

Watch for not only for where the grand home is positioned on the land, but what the terrain is like, and whether you will be happy with it in the long run.

Cultural Touch in Architecture

Every home has a builder or architect who put in a specific cultural flavour into the home when it is built, but sometimes certain cultural features stand out more than others to certain groups of people.

For instance, if you are from the East then perhaps a home designed with Feng Shui in mind for room placement (including where the home is positioned on the street), certain colours, or certain numbers (8 for example, if you are Chinese) of built-in designs or if those numbers show up in the address, can be a boon to certain people. If you prefer Greek pillars and the colours white and blue, then perhaps that might appeal to you.

Some people are not from the southwestern United States but love the desert southwest pueblo (Indian) look of soft beige adobe walls with rounded arches, or even Spanish tile roofs, arches, and giant fancy black iron gates and fences surrounding the house in the style found in Spain.

Perhaps a modern look of square corners and glass and steel, or contemporary architecture with variegated rooms draws you in.

Floor Space

How much space do you need or want? Will you be entertaining often? Do you have a large family or will you have guests staying with you on occasion that require extra bedrooms? Will there be events that take place at your mansion? Will you need a computer room or office, or do you run a business out of your home, or have an at-home backup office space? What about home theatres, steam showers in oversized bathrooms, whirlpool tubs or hot tubs? Are there speciality rooms or spaces that you require?

Once you have answered these and similar questions then you will know better now much space you need, and whether that area is preferred in number of bedrooms, the great room or outside covered and uncovered spaces. Sometimes people know exactly what they want, but do not realize something else appeals to them until they start looking around at different mansions to purchase and then suddenly see something that pops out at them… aha! I want that!


There are a couple of different types of furniture (aside from brand names). Built-in furniture and independently placed furniture that you bring into the home.

Built-in furniture (or special rooms that serve a specific function) can include things like under-stair-shelving or storage, built-in bookcases for a personal library, a wine cellar with permanent shelving, a below-floor pop-up “root cellar” or refrigerator, a walk-in fridge, benches or bancos, eat-in kitchens, built-in bars, and certain furniture in a man cave, and so on.

Regular furniture that is typically needed (and usually already owned) includes items that fill formal and informal spaces such as , living areas or great rooms or dens, formal dining rooms (long table for eating at or entertaining), a grand piano in a large space on the main floor, grand bedframes, armoires, and other furniture for bedroom suites, etc.

Keep in mind how much built-in furniture you want or need versus how much furniture you already have or intend to buy to fill the spaces in your mansion.

Yard and Garden

Gardens—will you use them to grow flowers and food for fun and enjoyment, or merely for ornament or display?

Zen or Japanese Gardens—spaces to meditate or relax in are a popular.

Will you have water features such as fish ponds or fountains?

Do you have a gardener or person to upkeep the yard or will you take care of it yourself?

Consider the swimming pool—indoor or outdoor? Will it be heated with solar or electric?

Keep these things in mind when you are shopping for your mansion, and to choose something that appeals to you, especially if you plan on living in the home for a good many years.

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