Wine Clubs in BC

Wine clubs in the lower mainland of British Columbia can include a number of special spots where you can sample some flavours in wine tasting events or localities, hang out in the countryside with a glass of vino, or even find that quiet place in the city to kick back, relax, enjoy time with company, or simply retreat by yourself and a loved one for a couple hours. Greater Vancouver’s wine cellars, vineyards, and other wine sanctuaries hold special experiences and memories for locals.

Wine Clubs in Greater Vancouver

Below are a couple locations for wine clubs and wineries in the Vancouver area.

BC Wine Club

is a member-driven club and one of the most well-known in the lower mainland of British Columbia, which is also one of the “finest wine regions of the world”, according to them! This wine club has a monthly mailing of fine wines and a virtual tour online for local and regional/provincial wineries. Offering two wines each month, which they boast are not typically found at liquor stores, they offer food pairings, and unique wine tasting notes, plus a newsletter delivered to your home.
We found their gift list useful too. BC Wine Club also helps with those people in your life that you want to impress with delicate good-tasting wines. This is especially useful on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or holidays such as Christmas or New Years.
Address: 2585 Stoney Creek Pl, Burnaby, BC V3J 7S4
Phone: +1 866-505-9463

Marquis Wine Cellars

is another excellent winery in Greater Vancouver. They have a long list of fine wines, red wines, and white wines. Additionally, their types of wine styles and champagnes are widely varied. We found their website also quite useful since you can search their wines by country and region online, order it, or simply go to the wine club in person to experience wine tasting.
Marquis also has a 95+ Point Wines Ratings, which means that their wines are rarer than those scoring less (typically 90-94). In general, wine critics will tell you that high-scoring wines of different vintages or types often become classic wines by category and favour, although realize that even critics have their own preferences when it comes to wines, styles, or even regional designations. It’s good to know that having more wines on the ratings list helps diversify the scoring range, with some preferences leaning towards subtler wines, and others being bold. Reputable wines are often based on scores so that the customers drinking them can feel assured they are buying quality wines, which is this winery’s goal.
Address: 1034 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3
Phone: (604) 684-0445

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