Transportation Guide to Langley

If you’re planning a trip or a move to Langley, BC, then you may well be wondering about all things transport related. We’ve put together a handy guide to transportation to and within the city of Langley and surrounding areas. Here’s what you need to know:

Getting to Langley

Getting to Langley from Vancouver is easiest by car, with a trip of about fifty minutes is all that is needed to get from the heart of Vancouver or Abbotsford to downtown Langley on the TransCanada Highway.

TransLink and BC Transport also run bus services to Langley from Vancouver via Surrey and a handful of other routes, so if you’re not planning to rent a car and you won’t be driving to Langley, you can still reach the city from other major hubs in southern British Columbia, with a one-way fare of under $12, which makes this an affordable option for travelers looking to visit Langley without breaking the bank.

If you are flying into British Columbia for your visit to Langley, then you’ll need to either hire a car or use one of the bus or cab options, because while the city is home to a regional airport, most international and national flights will land in either YVR (Vancouver) or YXX (Abbotsford), and you will need to make the trip down highway 1 to reach the city.

Getting Around Langley

Langley is a small city, and most areas are easily accessible on foot, by bicycle or by TransLink bus, although you may find that it’s easier to see attractions that are outside the city center easier if you opt for car rental or taxi. There are several taxi companies that operate in the city, which does make it easy to get around.

The downtown area of Langley in particular is very pedestrian friendly, and many of the best malls, restaurants, stores and tourist attractions are located in or near the downtown core. If, however, so if you are only visiting, rather than planning to stay and commute or explore, it may not be worth hiring a car for the duration of the stay, but rather on a day by day basis.

Bicycle hire is another option, that allows you to explore the city of Langley, while still enjoying the wonderful climate of southern BC during your stay.

Driving in Langley

Because the city of Langley is a smaller city, with a population of around 25,000, you will find that driving in the city lacks some of the frantic pace of large cities, which means once you’re out of Vancouver and in the Fraser Valley, things are a lot less stressful. Like everywhere else in Canada, drivers keep right and pass left, so if you are visiting from Europe, Australia or somewhere else where people drive on the other side of the road, be sure to remember that!

Future Transit Upgrades

There has been a lot of talk about transit systems to connect Langley with other towns and cities in Fraser Valley and beyond. There have been discussions about LRT and BRT (Light Rail Transit and Bus Rapid Transit) systems connecting Surrey and Langley, and that’s only likely to continue as Langley continues to be a popular choice for people looking to live in southern BC, but preferring to live outside of a large metropolis.

Getting around Langley may not offer as many options as large cities, but that’s part of the charm, and with access to the city on the TransCanada highway, Fraser Valley Highway and several other roads in the area, it’s easy enough to reach the city from most parts of the Lower Mainland.

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