Top gyms in Surrey BC

Having spent the last 34 years in Surrey and being an X Personal Trainer, I have a long history of fitness and sporting participation in the area. Here are some of my recommendations from the experiences I have had.

Best Gym in Surrey Central

Club 16 Surrey Central is convenient, cheap, has good equipment and great staff. You can get a quick vitamin e bath in one of their tanning beds or shower after your workout before work or date. Trevor Linden Fitness is located right in Surrey Central mall next to the Surrey Central Skytrain Station and is very easy to get to no matter what kind of transportation you are using. Central City Shopping Centre, 10153 King George Blvd : Yelp Reviews of Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness

Best Recreational and Competitive Kickboxing Gym in Surrey

best-boxing-gym-surreyWorld Kickboxing XTRM is a great club with very many very experienced fighters. The ownership and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. You can come here to train for the next big fight or just do one of the group classes to get your ass kicked by awesome trainers. There is also a full functioning weight set you can use to keep “dem gainz” while exerting so much in the cardio kickboxing. 12682 82 Ave : Yelp Reviews of World Kickboxing XTRM

Best Sauna/Steam Room in Surrey

best-sauna-surreyCasbah Day Spa offers so much more than just great heat therapy. They also offer great packages for not just women but a golfers recovery package for men as well as many individual treatments to choose from. There are many health benefits to doing Sauna and Steam Therapy and has been around for thousands of years. Sauna and Steam are believed to help cleanse the body of toxins and help the internal organs with proper hydrated exposure. Heat therapy can assist with blood pressure, stiff body parts, mental clarity, better overall mood, plus much more…2970 King George Boulevard Suite 2 : Yelp Reviews of Casbah Day Spa

Best Personal Training Facility in Surrey

Just like hiring a Realtor, Personal Training is somewhat of an individual preferred basis as some will require different kinds of services from others. Whether that is budget dependent or just level of assertiveness from the trainer your preferred trainer may very much differ from what I or your mother or father would be looking for. Fitness on the Go is always a good option for those who have limited time and can’t get to the gym easily. It is surprisingly affordable for the fact that they come to you. Innovative fitness in White Rock has been around for some time now. Here you can choose from a few different trainers and get many different perspectives and specialities from the different trainers. Innovative Fitness is located @ 100 – 15303 31st Ave : Yelp Reviews of Innovative Fitness

Best Personal Training Facility Guildford BC

Better Body Fitness has many different types of classes and packages you can take advantage of. Conveniently located at 15161 Fraser Hwy: Yelp Reviews of BetterBody Fitness

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