Looking to buy a home? The 5 Real Estate Love Languages


With all the new beautiful styles and designs for homes falling in love with a home can, at times, be easy. Staying in love with that home can be hard.

Over the years of helping people buy and sell homes I have found 5 key reasons people have called me back after moving in to let me know why they are so happy with that perfect place and why they are still in love with their home today!

I call these The 5 Love Languages Of Real Estate 😉 

  1. Love Lifestyle: Not everything is about money. Lifestyle can trump investment at times. Make sure the home and surroundings fit your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. What do you like to do with your free time? Are you a cook? Look for a place with a big kitchen. Like to mountain bike or hike trails? Maple Ridge BC has almost unlimited access to trails or lakes. Need daycare for your new baby? Find a place close to family or affordable child care. This is a pretty easy one to get right if you are honest with yourself but, you can be restricted by budget unfortunately. Loving where you live will help keep the love strong for longer as you tend to be much happier coming home after a hard day at work.
  2. Love Budgeting: You may want to live the lifestyle of a Hollywood Celebrity or the big city life of a CEO in a penthouse condo. This isn’t practical for the average individual that lives and works in BC. Budgeting your money properly helps reduce stress and keeps the heart at ease. The cost of living in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area is really high and having any kind of life can be draining of the bank account. From experience, those who are house poor aren’t as happy and end up selling many houses over and over until they are no longer house poor. If this is your soul reason for buying instead of renting then that is fine but, those who don’t budget right and end up having to sell tend to be a little less happy when I hear back from them in a year compared to those who set a proper budget to live the lifestyle they wanted.
  3. Love Family: Schools, recreation, safety, house layout all play a huge role in buying a home with a family. I’ve seen it time and time again where a young family doesn’t plan for their family’s future and instead just their immediate needs or wants. Instead of buying that smaller newer place with all the fancy lights and flashy faucets it may be smarter to purchase something a bit older for the same price where you will have room to grow as a family. Those that only think of the now and present often end up calling me in less time that they thought to sell as they have already outgrown their home. Plan ahead and think about schools, size of home and area you’ll be walking your kids to school in. Having a happy family with a bright future keeps stress out of the home and is easier for the love of the family and home to grow.
  4. Love Your Mortgage: Just because you were told a year ago that you would receive no problem getting an approval for a mortgage does not mean you will get the same approval today. The mortgage rules and rates are continuously changing. Even three months ago the rates and rules were different. Go and get a mortgage pre-approval prior to your home search. You never know what can happen after writing an offer. If it’s an amazing home chances are others will be interested in the home as well and you don’t want to lose that perfect home because you “thought” you would have no problem getting a mortgage. Pre-approvals are free to do and saves you so much stress and time in the end. Plus, interest rates are only expected to go up. Get locked in now so you won’t have to worry about having to pay higher interest rates once you do find that perfect condo, townhouse or house. Plan your mortgage in advance for the future. Speak candidly with your mortgage professional to get the mortgage that is best for you. 5 year fixed or 2 year variable? Depends on how long you plan on staying in the home and why the interest rates area expected to do. This can help stop you from experiencing budget issues further down the road. There are many different options for mortgages which will best fit you and your family. This will help keep the flame burning for your home longer.
  5. Love Ryan Taylor: I love my clients like Kanye loves Kanye. Every client I work with I act as if their investment is my investment. I’m not new to Real Estate. I didn’t join the game last year when I realized that the real estate market was going crazy. Nope, for the last 7  years or so I have been gaining knowledge and experience in Real Estate. I have been doing this a long time and not just to get rich quick but, because I love my career and Im good at it. You can trust in my knowledge and experience and you can bet you’ll be experiencing success in any market. I want you to love me and your new home so much you refer all your friends and family to me. Your not alone; Any public website may provide you with many useful tools that seem like their helping but nothing can replace experience and Taylor-made home buying processes that are Taylor’d to your needs not the general public. That website won’t provide you with concrete contracts that keep your investment safe. Contracts made through years of experience writing hundreds and hundreds of home contracts and negotiations. When you work with me, not only do I have access to information those public sites don’t but, I do everything I can to find out what your wants and needs are so you feel safe and secure in the process. I do this for you so you can easily fall in love and stay in love with your home. 

There are many other reasons people have called back to say thank you or confess their love. If you haven’t and want too please feel free to comment below on the facebook post or send in a comment on the real estate web page. If you have bought and fell in love and would like to share your experience please feel free to comment as well… would love to hear from you! 😉

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