Kind Words from Clients – Successful Renovation

Just received some very kind words from recent clients who purchased their new home in Langley through Ryan Taylor Real Estate and needed to renovate the home to better suit the families needs upon possession.

Successful Renovation

“Hi Ryan

I just want to say thank you for referring Marten at DTec contracting. He finished re-building the 2 bedrooms upstairs which was demolished by the previous owner of the home.

I am quite pleased with Marten’s work. his price was very affordable and he worked with perfectionism and honest work ethics. It took longer than expected to get done, because of labour shortage. But my husband and I are very thankful of his perfect craftmanship and his willingness to help on our additional minor repairs without charging extra fees.

Most of all, he did not take advantage of us with the market situation- like the labour shortage the house owners have for home reno.
So I want to say thank you again for giving us his contact info.

We have your contact info, too, when we need to give yours to our friends ; )

Have a good weekend!
Veronica and Jae’


Thank you so much Veronica! We love our clients and will go to extra lengths to make them happy.  To hear from you and your kinds words is what keeps us going to further and further lengths to be sure your experienced is Taylor’d to your needs.


We are truly appreciative of your business and look forward to all of the referrals and future business. Thank you!

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor Real Estate Agent

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