Desperate Promotion vs Motivating Promotion

Lets face it. Promotions work! People like deals! Why buy the steak when you can have the whole cow right? Wrong!

Promotions are all about timing and approach in Real Estate. For example: It’s not the best practice to add a promotion after your home has been on the market a while. This will typically show that you are “motivated to sell” as we call in it in the industry.

Here are some helpful marketing tips which allow positive promotion:

  • Grand Opening Offer: Trip to Vegas/Mexico all inclusive if sold by certain date.
  • Realtor Bonus ie. If sold by date/time a $bonus will be awarded to the buyers Agent
  • Furniture may be negotiated into sale (useful for downsizers and relocating clients)
  • STAGING THE HOUSE (this is the second best method of promotion possible other than hiring Ryan Taylor)
  • Food truck or outdoor promotions
  • Fixing up small things around the house which can make a big impact on potential buyers
  • Have a Barbecue!

In BC people tend to gravitate towards worth not cheap. Brand New Condos and Townhouses have been of preference for some time now over older places with more square footage. People from all over the world travel here just to vacation as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. They know the real estate and cost of living here is high and are still wanting to live here. Know your recent sales and track cookies and as much web data as you can. Get an agent who can track who is visiting your listing and what other listings they are visiting online as well. Its not the same game it was even 10 years ago. People are smarter and clients are educated in the market. You have to stay one step ahead and not always trying to catch up for your missed opportunities.


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