December 2016 Market Report for Surrey Langley & White Rock

Monthly Average Prices in Cloverdale BC
Cloverdale December Stats

Detached Housing Prices in Cloverdale have declined over the last 30 days by 2.5%. Townhouses in Cloverdale however, have had an increase in average price by  1.1% due to the still high prices of detached homes in Cloverdale and demand shifting to a lower price range. Condos in Cloverdale have also remained strong with an increase by 1$ in average price 1.6%.

Surrey Central Average Prices

Surrey Central Dec 16 Stats Ryan Taylor Realtor

Detached homes in North Surrey have seen a bit of a rebound this month with an increase fo 5.7% for average price. Condos for Sale in Surrey Central which allow rentals in strata have remained strong in price due to the low vacancy rate in the are and high rental income potential. This month the condo market returned its value and increase by 1.5%.  Townhouses in Surrey Central have decreased minorly of 0.1% over the last month.

Average Prices in White Rock/ South Surrey

White Rock Dec. 16 Stats Ryan Taylor Real Estate

Detached Homes are still in the decline for last month by 5.1% and Townhouses in White Rock have seen a bounce back increase in average price of 1.8% in the last month. Detached Homes took a whopping 17% drop last month. Condos for sale in White Rock actually saw a decent decrease of 4.2% in average price.

All of Surrey Combined Average Sales Price

Surrey Dec. 16 Stats Ryan Taylor Real Estate

Detached homes in Surrey have seen only a slight decrease of 2.9% as a whole. Townhouses remaining strong in the demand section and with limited supply have stayed almost at a constant of 0.6%. Condos in Surrey have seen a decrease in average price and is likely due to the new home owner grant and the time of year. This is a statistic of Surrey as a whole however and not to be relied on in different pockets of each community. Every sub-community within Surrey will have a different stat.

Average Sale Prices in Langley

Langley Dec. 16 Stats Ryan Taylor Real Estate

Townhouses and Condos have both seen a rather large decline in average sale prices, whereas detached homes in Langley have seen a 7.4% increase in average sale prices. Townhouses in Langley have seen a 2.5% decrease and Condos have seen a sizeable decrease in average prices in the last 30 days of 5.1%.

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