Best Dog Parks in Langley

Walking your dog in Langley can be enjoyable for both your dog and you. Four-legged friends should experience fun and good times—and daily walks to new and familiar places are what makes it so. Grab that leash and go! Summertime explorations, spring and fall on the bike, and walks on paved trails in winter can all be excellent ways to bring positive emotions and bonding with your furry children. These are some examples of the best dog parks in the Langley area to do just that.

Brookswood Dog Park

This park has a lot of space compared to other dog parks in the area. The outer track for taking walks is made of gravel, and the open spaces are great for throwing a ball or Frisbee and playing fetch! The Brookswood dog park is fenced all the way around, plus it has a smaller area for smaller dogs that is also fenced. Poop bags are available, of course, and there is a washroom for people. Benches and trash cans line the walking track for convenience. If it’s one of those typical rainy days in the spring or fall, and your dog loves to play in the mud puddles, there is a hose near the washroom to use for hosing them off, and water dishes to drink from. This dog park is popular with humans and their doggies alike. Brookswood Park is near 44th Avenue at 206th St.

Derby Reach

Dogs love running by (or into) the river at Derby Reach! Lots of benches, facilities, and even picnic tables for spending the day, or part of the day with your dog and/or the rest of the family. The fence surrounds the dog park area and separates it from the day use area. Different sections help delineate what you and your puppy can do in the area; for instance, the first section follows along the river with grass and trees spotted around for running around. The second section has picnic tables and grass mowed short, but is a little more open, which is perfect for playing and jumping and playing Frisbee! The third section contains a walking track for humans while the pups can run around on the grass next to it. Interestingly, one of the best places in the park is not even the fenced areas, but the walking trails in Fort Langley. If you park a little ways away you can walk the Fort-to-Fort trail (leads you directly to Fort Langley) as well as the Edge Farm Trail. Check out the cafes in Fort Langley and keep your dog on a leash while you enjoy a coffee or hot tea on the outside patio. The access to all of this makes Derby Reach a great hub for doing other things rather than just a quick walk in the park. Keep an eye out for park signs off Allard Crescent to go to the day area of Derby Reach.

Best Dog Parks Langley, BC

Derek Doubleday Arboretum

Hidden away between the Langley airport, the floodplain, and Fraser Hwy, is a neat little park called Derek Doubleday Arboretum, which has a 1km path and small demonstration garden. Park benches and smaller trees, plus a couple decks overlooking the wetlands/airport, not to mention trails for off-leash walks all exist in the park. You can also go off the park grounds via a parking lot (east side) where you will find a trail that takes you to the underpass that crosses Fraser Highway to walk farther. On one side of Derek Doubleday Arboretum park is an Afghanistan War Vets memorial and some trees. This is a great family park for young and old alike. Nothing too strenuous yet you can also get a good workout if you like. It’s a great place to run with your pet! Location is off Fraser Highway east of the Langley Bypass.

Linwood Park Off-Leash Dog Area

This is an off-leash park (meaning it is fully fenced) with a walking trail, drinking water, benches, and a washing area for your dog. Be aware that there are a lot of larger dogs here so if you have small or timid or even aggressive dogs you may want to find another area or keep them in a leashed area instead of off-leash (this goes for any park). Linwood Park, in particular, has a small area just for small dogs that is fenced. There are also lots of areas that are grassy with trails, young trees, and places to play fetch or Frisbee. Watch for poop, however! Location is 201A and Michaud Cr.

Walnut Grove Community Park

Walnut Grove is a smaller park but if you’re just wanting a shorter walk or want to play for a few minutes without being overwhelmed by huge areas or lots of people, then this is a great choice. There is a bench, free poop bags, and is fully fenced. Check out the park near the Langley Lane Green Way (another great paved walking path that runs between 208th St and 216th St). Make your puppy’s day by walking in Walnut Grove Park by letting them roam free off-leash for a bit. This park is located at 213th St (just before 96th Ave).

Willoughby open field

Although not an official dog park (and no poop bags, so bring your own), this is a large open area where owners are allowed to run and walk the stink off their dogs and have a lot of general all-around fun! This park is dawn to dusk, and is located at 200th and 69th (running parallel to 200th St) in Langley.

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