Best Coffee Shops in Langley

There is nothing like a good hot cup of Joe in the morning, or during the afternoon as a pick-me-up for that matter! No matter when or how you like your coffee—hot or iced, black or with cream, or served as a specialty coffee or form of dessert—you will likely find what you are looking for from our list of best coffee shops below, which are all in the Langley, BC (lower mainland) area.

These range from straight out coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, arts cafes, bakeries, and coffee and tea shops.

Trendz Cofee House

4.3 stars (35 reviews) ·
This family based Café has been around for a long time with good local quality coffee and service. They use local beans! There are lots of yummy in house baked goods, and there is such a large amount of space to hang out or host functions.
4033 208 St, Langley, BC

Blacksmith Bakery

4.5 stars (123 reviews) ·
This is a bakery with good food, a nice atmosphere, and friendly staff.
2R6, 9190 Church Street #102, Langley, BC

Gossip Corner Cafe

4.8 stars (16 reviews) ·
Family restaurant with great ambiance, home baked bread, and good food and coffee.
5680 198 St, Langley, BC

Gourmet Donuts & Coffee

4.6 stars (25 reviews) ·
This gem of a café offers bagels and scrumptious homemade donuts, as well as hearty breakfast options and good coffee.
20999 88 Ave, Langley, BC

Hot &Toasty Cafe

4.9 stars (66 reviews) ·
Here’s a breakfast restaurant that has good coffee and fabulous sweet crepes for dessert.
5490-5500 Salt Ln, Langley, BC

Lelem’ Arts and Cultural Cafe

4.1 stars (86 reviews) ·
Family style restaurant with coffee, sandwiches, desserts, and even traditional bannock.
23285 Billy Brown Rd #100, Langley, BC

Mattu’s Coffee & Tea

4.0 stars (62 reviews) ·
Comfy little coffee shop located in a shopping centre. Ice cream options too!
C100, 20678 Willoughby Town Centre Dr, Langley, BC

Porter’s Bistro Coffee & Tea House

4.4 stars (75 reviews) ·
This coffee and tea house place includes an old timey style restaurant in the historic 5 corners location and is also known for their good food, plus live music on Friday nights.
21611 48 Ave, Langley, BC

Republica Coffee Roasters

4.6 stars (61 reviews) ·
This coffee shop is known for their great roast-to-order coffee and has a cosy atmosphere.
9203 Glover Rd, Langley, BC

The Water Shed Arts Cafe

4.5 stars (67 reviews) ·
This is a comfy arts café that offers a friendly staff who serves great coffee and food.
20349 88 Ave, Langley, BC


4.4 stars (26 reviews) ·
This bakery located at 5 corners is a tea house with healthy food choices and good coffee.
21594 48 Ave, Langley, BC

Twins Coffee

4.8 stars (34 reviews) ·
This café has coffee and desserts placed in a modern atmosphere. Is known as a good sit-and-chat place.
5765 Glover Rd, Langley, BC

Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe

4.4 stars (333 reviews) ·
This restaurant has a bookshop attached, and the café offers breakfast, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as some international food options.
9233 Glover Rd, Langley, BC


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