Best Coffee Shops in Cloverdale

There are boatloads of great coffee shops in the Cloverdale BC area, including multiple locations for the obvious two of Canada’s favourites: Timmy’s (Tim Hortons) and Starbucks. They are easy to find so we won’t mention those here, but this great little suburb of east Surrey has its own flavour of local coffee shops as well. Below

Below is a list of the best coffee shops in Cloverdale that made at least a 4-star rating or better!

Blacksmith Bakery

4.5 stars (129 reviews) ·
This bakery has mini-tortes and other baked goods, with great service.
2R6, 9190 Church Street #102

Boothroyd Heritage Coffee

4.6 stars (76 reviews) ·
Coffee Shop with a casual atmosphere that serves lattes and smoothies, among other coffee shop fare.
16811 60 Ave

Cloverdale Coffee Company

4.5 stars (22 reviews) ·
Local café with a cosy atmosphere. Fresh coffee beans and mochas and more.
102, 5674 176 St

Cravings Coffee & Bakery

4.1 stars (14 reviews) ·
Café and in-house bakery with a nice quiet atmosphere.
4061 200 St

Fiona Play Date Cafe

4.0 stars (9 reviews) ·
This café is good for families (kids) and is both casual and comfy.
Unit 104, 6820 188 St

Gourmet Donuts & Coffee

4.6 stars (27 reviews) ·
This donut shop and coffee house comes highly recommended.
20999 88 Ave

Hilltop Cafe

4.5 stars (171 reviews) ·
Restaurant is family-run and has good coffee, classic old-fashioned menu items, including pie and breakfast. Family friendly atmosphere.
23904 Fraser Hwy

Hot &Toasty Cafe

4.9 stars (69 reviews) ·
Come have both breakfast and hot coffee at this quiet and comfy restaurant.
5490-5500 Salt Ln

Ignite Cafe

4.8 stars (24 reviews) ·
Café with coffee, teas, and even wine. Casual atmosphere.
5499 203 St

Ken’s Cafe & Restaurant

4.2 stars (11 reviews) ·
This restaurant has good food and is family and group friendly.
5695 176 St

Little Cloud Coffee

5.0 stars (27 reviews) ·
Café style place with amazing reviews, a comfy atmosphere, and great coffee.
10422 168 St #103

Mink A Chocolate Cafe

4.1 stars (43 reviews) ·
Check out this coffee shop that is also a chocolate shop.
Located at Morgan Crossing, Building F, 15775 Croydon Dr #110

Moka House Coffee

4.5 star (12 reviews) ·
Coffee Shop with mochas, lattes, and a host of other coffee specialties.
16041 24 Ave

One Up Cafe

4.7 stars (18 reviews) ·
Cosy little coffee shop with a quiet and casual atmosphere and good food.
#100 – 2755 192 St

Pacific Coffee Roasters

4.3 stars (36 reviews) ·
Great coffee shop with a comfy atmosphere for hanging with friends or business meetings over coffee.
1A, 32750 George Ferguson Way

Porter’s Bistro Coffee & Tea House

4.4 stars (77 reviews) ·
A full blend that only a combined coffee house and restaurant could bring. Good for groups.
21611 48 Ave

Republica Coffee Roasters

4.6 stars (63 reviews) ·
Super fresh coffee, roasted and then ground for peak flavour.
9203 Glover Rd

Stomping Grounds Cafe, Bistro and Catering

4.3 stars (70 reviews) ·
Full on bistro café complete with catering. Is family friendly and has good coffee too.
10931 Barnston View Rd

The Rustic Rooster Bakery Cafe & Gifts Inc.

4.2 stars (23 reviews) ·
Coffee shop with a casual, quiet, and comfy place to sit a while and chat or read over coffee and baked goods.
5723 176 St #5

The Water Shed Arts Cafe

4.6 stars (68 reviews) ·
This café is geared towards the arts so is casual and has tasty coffee too.
20349 88 Ave

Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe

4.4 stars (354 reviews) ·
Neighborhood restaurant/café and bookshop. Some standard fare plus international dishes. Is family-friendly.
9233 Glover Rd


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