Are you ready to list your property? When getting ready to sell your property, there are key areas you should think about, prepare for, and organize. This list of 7 tips to sell your home quickly is a preview of how I help my clients prepare to sell their home. Follow this advice to help keep you on track and to get the best results.

1. Know an accurate market value.

An appraisal is an option used by most lenders to value the property to lend against it – it is not necessarily the market value of your home. How you determine the market value of your home is by comparing it to the price of other comparable homes that have recently sold in your area. A good agent should be able to provide you with current “solds” in your area and similar to your home.

2. Price your home right based on market value.

People want the best possible price when selling their home, but a listing that is too high can end up costing the seller time and eventually money. If a home is not priced competitively buyers looking in your price range will reject the property in favor of other homes for the same price (usually newer, larger, or more appealing). Overpricing your home can lead to a longer time on the market and often leads to price reductions and sales below market value.

3. Stage and showcase your home.

Most buyers are looking for their next “home”. Make your home desirable by doing the necessary repairs, sprucing it up inside and out, touching up paint and keeping up with your landscaping. It is also important declutter, depersonalize and keep it clean. By spending a small amount of time and money you can often increase your home’s selling price and reduce the days on market.

4. Know your legal obligations.

The Contract of Purchase and Sale is legally binding. If is improperly written or misunderstood it can cause the sale to fall through or cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and inspections. You need to know which repairs and closing costs you are responsible for, whether the property can be sold “as is”, and if deed or local zoning will affect the sale. A good real estate agent is trained in the legality of a sale and will help you through the process of closing.

5. Attract buyers and not lookers.

Often “For Sale By Owners” get more activity than houses listed by an agent. The difference is that real estate agents bring only pre-qualified buyers that are ready, willing and able to buy your house. Chances are if the buyer is working with an agent they have already viewed other homes and that your home has already met a list of their requirements. A good agent will know how much the buyer can really spend, how much they can make as a down payment, how good their credit is and how much they can afford to pay each month. When an agent brings a potential buyer to view your home, those people viewing your home are already interested in your property at the price it is offered for.

6. Give buyers space during showings.

Buying a home is not only a huge financial decision it is also an emotional one. Potential buyers need the space and privacy to explore your home and envision themselves spending the next several years of their lives within its four walls. When homeowners are present or even follow viewers around the potential buyer may spend less time in the home and find the home isn’t very inviting. Allow the buyer to properly “try on” the house to see if it is comfortable for them.

7. Maximize marketing and exposure of your property.

Don’t just hire any realtor. You should get to know what they actually provide when they offer to sell your house. The agent should take the time to discuss your buying needs as well as clearly explain their marketing plan. Where do they advertise? How do they get your home exposure? This is a time to explain your expectations to the agent and see if they can work with you on the fine details of selling your home. The quality of you home selling experience will be in direct relation to selecting the person best qualified to work with you.

Did you know? A realtor with many successful sales usually costs the same as someone with little experience even though their commission rates may be different. Bringing experience into the equation can mean a higher price, selling in less time, and a minimum amount of hassle. Selling your home can be the most important financial transaction you are involved in.

Choosing the right agent can be the difference between a satisfying and profitable activity and a terrible experience. Make your selection with care and attention to detail. Team Taylor brings years of experience and an intimate knowledge of Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market.

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