Equestrian Clubs in BC

There are a few equestrian clubs in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Horses are so often loved by their human counterparts, and taking them out for ride, or for boarding, or other things is not just a necessity but also a joy. Below are a few choices of clubs in the area. 

Equestrian Clubs in Greater Vancouver

Vancouver, Richmond, and even as far as Aldergrove (for Langley/Fraser Valley please scroll down to the section on “Equestrian Clubs in the Fraser Valley”) in the lower mainland BC offer a number of equestrian opportunities for learning horseback riding and for professional riders.


Riverside Equestrian Center is a highly rated equestrian club just south of Vancouver in Richmond. Whether booking for lessons or choosing summer camp, this club offers numerous services such as summer camp for newbies, beginner level riding lessons, and coaching for competitions nationwide. Students also flourish in the summer competitions locally at the Riverside location, and throughout the PNW (Pacific Northwest). Both for educational fun and quality, their Olympic-quality coaches provide guidance in an indoor riding arena as well as at the riding facilities that are located outdoors for jumpers and competitions.


North Shore Equestrian Center Ltd is a horse riding school located in North Vancouver, BC. There are numerous available options at North Shore for new and seasoned students and riders. Summer camps are available, plus they have a hunter/jumper and dressage program. Riding lessons are available for many ages, so be sure to ask about that, as well as for pony play dates. The managers and instructors are well known for their professionality and friendliness. There are also school horses, and therapeutic riding is a must for people who require healing. Lastly, not only can you find information about horses that are for sale, but boarding info is also available at North Shore.

Address: 1301 Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2J1

Website: http://wecreateriders.com/ 


Windsor Stablesoffer horse riding in both Vancouver and Aldergrove, BC. You can check out their websites below as to what is available at each location, but some of the things they offer include Hunter Jumper shows (April – November), and Dressage programs (December – March), as well as a full service facility for boarding horses where individual horse care is of their highest concern. 

Address: 7420 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1M8

Websites: http://www.windsorstables.ca/ or www.windsorstables.net/ 


Southlands Riding Club is located in Vancouver, BC (lower mainland). Founded in 1943, this equestrian non-profit community club provides training for beginners, amateur athletes, as well as all levels for the horses themselves, from “grass roots to Grand Prix”. Southlands Riding Club serves about 400 members (both non-riding and riding members) from all backgrounds and ages, although they cater to the youth, polo players, trail riders who enjoy recreational riding, as well as special needs riders. Volunteers are welcome, as well as visitors. Enjoy public events at the riding facilities, which are located on a full 16 acres, and includes a covered arena, indoor arena, outdoor rings (jumping and dressage), grass area for polo or jumping, a cross-country course and track, round pends and lunge ring, plus stabling for events. Be aware that there are not horses for hire/lease since stables in the local area offer such things as summer camps and lesson programs (see above equestrian clubs). Southlands Riding Club does offer educational programs, community events, and competitions for beginners to advanced riders.

Address: 7025 Macdonald Street, Vancouver, BC V6N 1G2

Website: http://www.southlandsridingclub.com/ 


Towne & Country Equestrian has three facilities/locations—Carrington Stables, Southlands Riding Club (see above, especially for advanced students), and Celtic Stables. Their programs range from introductory to intensive programs, and they also provide a lease & purchase as well as a retirement program, not to mention community collaboration. 

Address: 3434 West 55st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 0A2

Website: http://www.townandcountryequestrian.com/


Equestrian Clubs in the Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley runs along the area surrounding the Fraser River in the lower mainland, British Columbia, typically the area east of Vancouver. Some of the cities or towns that encompass the Fraser valley include Langley and the surround areas around Highway-1 all the way to the US-Canada border.


Glen Valley Stables is located in south Langley, not far from the Canada-US border. They are known for their excellent horse trail rides. Set within a 45-minute drive to Vancouver, their guides are both experienced and knowledgeable, and can take you on a trail ride down to Campbell Valley Park. Their rides last between 1-2 hours, and they have horses that work great with new riders, young riders, and seasoned riders, so this is a great way to get out and have some fun with horses!

Address: 1255 208 St, Langley, BC V2Z 1T4 

Website: www.glenvalleystables.com


Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association (VTEA) is specifically geared towards therapeutic horseback riding (including hippotherapy treatments) that is registered as medically approved for both children and adults who have different abilities. This charity is run by volunteers who help run the association, and the calm horses help improve quality of life for their riders, holistically (mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing). Therapeutic riding can be safe and fun and bring a tremendous amount of personal fulfilment to people of all ages. Located in Aldergrove, the riding centre includes 20 acres, an indoor arena, woods and trails, and they have ongoing lessons.

Address: 3330 256 St, Langley, BC V4W 1Y4 

Website: www.vtea.ca


Horse Council BC is a non-profit association with over 24,000 members in the Aldergrove area of the Fraser Valley, lower mainland BC. This membership-driven association covers a wide variety of equine related activities and disciplines in the industry. Horse Council BC touches the lives of a large swath of people of different ages, from children to older adults, and everyone in between, including having programs for schools, high school credits, kids clubs, development programs, and post-secondary scholarship programs, to name a few. If you have not visited this place, then you are missing out on some great opportunities to work with and ride horses and get to know a lot of fantastic people who also love horses.

Address: 27336 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 

Website: www.hcbc.ca


Fraser Valley Hunt, although not a standard equestrian club, is a hunter’s club and does use horses and dogs to help in the sport. This old traditionaof riding alongside hounds is still preserved today. While galloping on a horse over fences, and across fields and hills, and through the trees, you become part of the ‘drag hunt’ (hounds pick up an artificial scent that is put down from horseback)—it is important to note that foxes are not endangered in this hunt. The hunts typically last 90 minutes to three hours and take the riders over farmland and landscapes that are typically private land.

Address: 1388 272 St, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2P9 

Website: www.fraservalleyhunt.com