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As per clients requests, you can now find both the monthly strata maintenance fees and yearly taxes of properties of interest making it easier for OUR VALUED CLIENTS to navigate through all of the AVAILABLE GREATER VANCOUVER AND FRASER VALLEY MLS Listings.

  • To view the monthly strata fees simply click on VIEW LISTING BUTTON , when you have found something of interest, and scroll down the MLS Data form below the Listing Heading. 
  • See the picture below to view where the information is presented. 


Dont forget to use the ADVANCED TOOL TABS above the listing information for:

  • getting directions to a home of interest 
  • viewing the property from above to see land placement, etc.
  • or street view to see your neighbours

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One of the most common questions I receive from my clients when looking at condos, townhouses or houses in Langley, Cloverdale and Fleetwood is whether or not a wall is load bearing and can be removed. For most this is a question most people have no idea how to answer on their own but very important. Most older homes that will be needing some renovations will typically be somewhat cramped without too much open space, as floorplans were designed much different years ago than they are today. Its always safest to hire a contractor or consultant who is educated in these matters if your looking to remodel or create a more open space in your home however this article could be quite useful to you DIY's out there willing to take on such projects on your own.

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Home Buyers Guide to Langley

Buying your first home is a lot of things. Exciting, overwhelming, scary, stupendous and amazing are all words that could be used to describe the process. Most people manage to get through it, albeit a little mentally battered and bruised, and feeling like they might want to live in that home for the rest of their lives. As long as they never have to buy another one!

The good news, it doesn’t have to be like that, and if you’re thinking of buying in Langley, BC, then this guide should help to get you through the process without a hiccup.

Government Assistance for New Home Buyers

Like many parts of Canada, first time home buyers actually get benefits from the government when they buy their first property, in that they can be eligible for a

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With the Holidays just around the corner its easy to become sentimental this time of year. Just this week we received 2 very nice emails from some very recent clients showing their appreciation. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say thank you for the Testimonials, even though neither of them were requested :) We are so lucky to have clients like you and very much appreciate all of your business.

For those interested in Purchasing or Selling a Home, please take a moment to read below to see how a couple of our clients have responded to the services we provided.

Dear Ryan,
Our heartfelt thanks to you.
I am a first time home buyer and had no knowledge of what it entails to purchase a condo.
Ryan responded to my request to view

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Having trouble winning in those multiple offer situations? With BC's Real Estate hitting record highs, buying a home can be stressful and many will lose out on obtaining that perfect home when attempting to obtain it without the expertise of an experienced Realtor. Successful Real Estate Agents write many many contracts and can use their expertise and experience to make your offer more competitive than the others fighting for that perfect home. Despite the common misconception from the public, buying a home when facing multiple offers doesn’t always come down to price. Realtors have negotiating skills and can write contracts of purchase and sales with certain clauses and subjects which help you get that home you dreamed of, all while protecting you if

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Earn extra cash in foreclosure properties with West Coast Estates Professional Real Estate Marketing and Canada’s #1 Brokerage - Sutton Group WestCoast Realty – like these clients of ours!

Congrats Arlene and Thu on the sale of your top floor, showhome condition, foreclosure investment! The professional real estate staging, attention to detail, and top notch reno's really paid off on this one!

The new homeowners will surely enjoy all the hard work and upgrades you put into this Surrey condo including new stainless steel appliances, 2" faux blinds/curtains, designer paint, Gianni granite finish on fireplace/kitchen countertops, new kitchen sink/taps, beautiful refinished hardwood floor, light fixtures, and the list goes on.

This is truly a

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We like to help our buyers understand that buying a luxury home in White Rock, Langley, South Surrey or other popular BC communities, is unlike any other type of real estate purchase for many reasons. The obvious reason is that you are likely spending one or two million dollars or more, but there are also plenty of other obstacles a luxury home buyer will come across when purchasing large estates and luxury homes.

In this blog article we give five tips for first time home buyers of luxury real estate properties.

1. Don’t get caught up in the appeal of luxury, remember this is a long term investment.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the high end finishes you may find in a home or start dreaming of all the great parties you will throw in the home.

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With many BC Realtors® to choose from plus the option to sell your home on your own, why should you choose to sell with The Taylor Team and Ryan Taylor Sutton? There are several reasons we can help you sell your home:

  • We are Professional Realtors®.
  • We specialize in South Surrey & White Rock homes.
  • We do our research and keep you informed.
  • We'll help you understand your financing options.
  • We're experienced in Trades and Real Estate Development.
  • We develop Customized Marketing Plans for your home.
  • We offer creative home marketing solutions.
  • Our negotiation skills earn you top dollar for your home.
  • We're in the Top 2% of Realtors®

Read more about how we're qualified to work for you on our Benefits of Using a Realtor page. 

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The definition of equity is the monetary value of a property or business. In regards to real estate, equity can be described as the value of the owned real property, minus anything that is owed on the property. Lets say that for example, a homeowner owns a home valued at $600,000 but has an outstanding mortgage loan balance of $425,000. Therefore the home owner has $175,000 in equity.

There are several ways investors or that home owner can profit from real estate equity. First, your need to understand that there are 2 parts of the market: public equity and private equity. Deciding which way to invest will depend on the investor's available capital, time allotted and the total risk he/she is willing to take.

Lets say for example a young couple had

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So far this spring first time home buyer programs in British Columbia are looking great! There are substantial tax savings in quite a few areas that can add up quickly as the government is looking for ways to help and encourage residents to purchase homes.

Take a few minutes to read about how you can save money on both Property Transfer Tax and your income tax return just by buying a home. And don’t worry, if you bought your first home in the last couple years you still likely qualify for the bonuses!

Increase in First Time Buyer Property Transfer Tax Exemptions

As of February 19, 2014 the first time home buyer property transfer tax program was increased to a $475,000 maximum exemption. For most home buyers the property transfer tax (PTT) is

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