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It appears that the Luxury Real Estate Market is returning in parts of the Fraser Valley.


Accepted Offer on this stunning 2092 sq ft Ocean View Condo in White Rock, BC Listed @ $1,888,000. Call out to my trusted inspectors out there with TIC Cameras and sound knowledge on poly b.... interested in a job with a view? ;)

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After the 15% foreign buyers tax implemented by Christy Clark, many of the higher end homes on the higher end of the $1.5 million mark saw a significant slow-down in demand. Some of Luxury Home Sellers had their home on the market until the expiry date. However, most had terminated their listings, giving up on the market altogether.

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Surrey BC real estate statistics for March sales are at the highest point they have been in 9 years according to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®). The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board processed 1,857 sales, which is a 47% increase in comparison to the 1,259 sales in the month of March of 2014. Sales numbers in March of 2006 were 2,072.

The population is growing at a consistent rate, employment rates are strong, interest rates have continued to stay supportive of housing demands and consumers are confident in their real estate purchases as safe investments. The demand for Fraser Valley Real Estate is strong and the stats confirm it.

The Fraser Valley Real

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“Fraser valley real estate markets new year begins with average activity.”

The Fraser Valley’s real estate market increased in January 2015 when in comparison to January 2014, as the total amount of new home listings and sales which has returned to normal seasonal levels of past years.

In January 2015, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FRVB) processed 853 sales in total on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), this is an increase of 10% when set side by side to January 2014, and this is 21% less then what took place in December. January sales were positioned right in the centre of the averages of the last 10 years, just 2% under the 10 year average.

It is normal to see a slower start to the amount of sales

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"Consistent house sales in December, 2014 make for great year for Fraser Valley Real Estate Market."

SURREY, BC – In the Fraser Valley, the Real Estate market made its way back to normal supply and demand averages in 2014. The sales for single family detached homes were the most active in comparison to townhomes and condos. 2014 brought a higher amount of new construction sales in comparison to 2013, which consisted of primarily townhomes and detached houses. Because of these new results, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Market has returned to normal market activity for the FV ten year average.

December 2014 Real Estate Statistics Summary

  • The Board’s Multiple Listing Service® processed a healthy 15,840 sales in 2014.
  • The 15,840 sales is a
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Doom and gloom in the West Coast Real Estate Market? Not likely explains the British Columbia Real Estate Association.

A recent release from BCREA on July 31, shows that if anything Real Estate Prices and Sales in BC will rise.

"Residential sales will increase 9.8% to 80,100 units in 2014, making it the first time since 2009 that sales climb above 80,000."

Q2 (second quarter) home sales rose fast after smaller sales numbers in Q1. This rise was attributed to record-low interest rates combined with a strong economy.

Migration is predicted to stay strong at 14% as usual and interest rates are expected to stay at a low for now. Canadian Exports have been doing well with the Strengthening U.S. economy and a steady global economy.

The average

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Although many try to spread the word of doom and gloom for local BC real estate, the stats seem to be spreading a different word all together. According to statistical data, the Fraser Valleys Real Estate values, as a whole, have done nothing but rise despite the critics. In fact, recent polls have shown that Canada, having one of the strongest economic backbones in the world due to its abundance of natural resources, is one of the safest places to invest. 

One article recently posted on Investopedia states that "Canada, one of the wealthiest countries, is also one of the safest places to invest."

With strong banking and comfortable living conditions Canada has proven time and time again that it is worth investing in. BC Canada is an extremely

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If you are a real estate investor looking for the best real estate markets in BC to secure property or are seeking to find the perfect community to purchase your family home, I recommend that you take a look at Fraser Valley communities. In 2013, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack have made the Top Real Estate Investment Communities in BC as reported in Rein Canada’s Annual Report.

Today I want to focus on two of these communities, Surrey and Langley, and the factors behind this surge in investment popularity in the Fraser Valley.

Surrey BC Real Estate Rated #1

For the past four years Surrey, BC has taken first place as the top city to invest in BC. As the second largest city on to Vancouver, Surrey is enjoying

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Newly completed oceanfront towers in White Rock have opened the market possibilities in White Rock for the younger population and South Surrey trending toward a downsizing population, have some incredible estates available for almost a third of the price of West Side Vancouver real estate.

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New White Rock Oceanfront Condos On the Market

With only five square kilometres of land White Rock rarely if ever had affordable housing for the young buyer. This started to change in 2008 when White Rock opened its doors to new development on its oceanfront real estate properties.

Miramar Village White Rock

By 2010 Bosa Brothers opened the waterfront market with the new development of two 21

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